Restaurant Consulting

Tablecross can increase your brand awareness and reach a wider customer base through online reservation integration, website development, social media marketing, and influencer marketing.


Japanese Cafe Peshawar

Created a branding strategy, developed their website, provided photography services, operated their Instagram account, and created a promotional flyer.

Okonomiyaki Minato Shoten

Created a marketing strategy and promotional campaign, operated their Instagram account, created advertisements, and provided marketing analysis.

Thai Restaurant Bua de Thai

Created a branding strategy, developed a website, provided photography services, created and operated their Instagram account, and produced a campaign leaflet.

Dining Restaurant R of Grande

Created a marketing strategy, implemented a promotional campaign, managed their Instagram, promoted business through advertisements, and provided market analysis.



Online Reservation Integration

Even if you don’t have an established IT system, Tablecross can create an automatic robot call reservation system that operates in both Japanese and English, so you can increase your reservations.


Website Development

Tablecross has extensive experience creating both business websites and e-commerce platforms.


Social Media Marketing

Make your digital presence known by working with Tablecross’s social media team, which covers sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.


Influencer Marketing

With Tablecross’s connections to both local and major global influencers, your restaurant can reach a wider audience and gain more customers.